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  1. no sir. not the screen im talking about adb device.
  2. ADB PROBLEM please guys anyone help me to fix this adb in my memu1
  3. adb problem hi guys. help here how to fix this adb in memu1
  4. ill already read there answer and i replied. but right now no one reply on that post,
  5. ill already post a topic about memu. but no one replied at my post.
  6. hi. my memu doesnt have internet connection so even i switche it. it doesnt work. so played it on bluestack but i want to memu.
  7. hi sir. thank you for your reply. before i was using memu to bot my coc. and when i update the emulator has happened. idk why. please sir help me. no vpn and any tool. i dont know. what is it like ? hi mate. the game works fine in bluestacks but. theres have a prblem
  8. help here please. whats this and my memu emulator doesnt have internet connection. help please.
  9. hi. the bot will automatically down the trophy if thats my trophy
  10. hi. thank you for your reply. i redownload the memu and try another version but same problem. no connection. please anyone help me here. hi. kyle. my firewall is off. so i didnt think thats the problem.
  11. HELLO GUYS. just want to ask somebody if you know how to fix the problem in memu i already instaled the latest one then i open the app and no connection to internet. i have internet an internet my bluestacks have internet only memu doesnt have. please guys help here.
  12. i turn it off but nothings happen.. its always back to training
  13. Hello guys. please help me here. my bot always like that on the pic. my bot doesnt search and attack please help. and when i locate all manualy 1 by 1 its not working. it says restart the bot. when i locate th even im not upgrading the bot want to restart. please a little help here. thank you so much!