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  1. I get banning multi accounts using 1 instance on a pc. But if i use 2 instances for example. I use Memu for my main account which never bots, and memu_1 to bot a different account on, does it mean my main account could get banned? With regards to the op his question was if he botted 1 account could all his accounts get banned. An anwser here was a definitive "yes all accounts" This is what i find hard to believe. Especially when no specifics were given by the op with regards to if he's using differnt instaces, to bot or even differnt pc's etc etc?
  2. Hmm i find this anwser a little misleading. Are you saying supercell ban by the ip address? I bot on 1 account on 1 pc. and i manually play my main on another pc. Are you saying my main account could be banned even though its never been used on my botting pc? If thats the case i better stop my brother bringing his tablet to my house + playing coc
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