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  1. bot is going to be down for a while,with new gui layouts. Playing manually on memu no issues so far. LMFAO look at all the members flying online here bet we get 500+ posts saying bot aint working
  2. This also i have been giving alot of thought to. You get 8 attacks + 8 defenses per day. So alot of clashers are gonna be watching these attacks alot like they would in cwl or war, so botting those we all know is a big no no. Not much of an issue for myself, as i only really used this bot for what it was originally intended and thats farming relief. Like i originally said when starting this topic i was curious as to the thoughts of other botters who love trophy pushing and how this Legend league change might effect them.
  3. Thats pretty much how i worked it out to @MountainMan . Loot is going to be easy to get Lets not forget that when we get raided we dont loose any loot either, so if you can maintain your place in Legend league (this is going to be more of a challenge) all loot gained stays yours. I think we will see alot more war bases up there, because loosing loot doesnt factor anymore. Its also a given that defense is going to play an even bigger part now, so the more closer to max you are the easier you should find Legend league.
  4. I think theres a fixed amount of loot you get for each base you attack - 450k of gold, 550k of elixir and 6.5k of de. You also still get the league bonus which stays the same as it is now, also the star bonus, which i think was the amount you have shown. Also a big change is when your attacked you loose no loot, like in BB
  5. Operation Blue Skies Well guy's + gals its finally been shown in the official supercell forum operation blue skies and how it will work. Only 8 attacks and defenses allowed each day. Different gui layout out for when you hit 5,000 trophies. Also you can choose what CC troops and village layout you use when going on defense, a little like in war. With Legend league going in this direction do you guys think its going to be worth botting in this league, Love to hear your thoughts about this. Also looks like the MBR team are going to have their work cut out for them making the bot Legend league friendly
  6. Usually i dont copy the profile folder but this bot is same version as official one, with fixes applied, and yes if you used the 7.7.3 official bot just copy the profile from there and add it to this hotfix version thks to @ NguyenAnhHD
  7. Well all i did was extract this bot into a new folder and copied my old profile from official 7.7.3 into it. Then i was good to go.
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