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  1. it helps to defend my trophies when i am at a higher league + defend my resources. If you could share the feature it would be grateful
  2. [TH12]Looking for a home+clan games+No wars or Farm wars(OL/FWA) th12 looking for a clan for No war clan or Orange league/FWA clan Active+upgrading walls heroes 50/58/20
  3. cmon guys this feature is a good one. helps you to defend your base/trophies/resources by requesting troops for defence when shield is running out+long break we need this feature
  4. alistair7682

    which emulator to choose?

    im using Nox
  5. alistair7682

    which emulator to choose?

    use Nox
  6. alistair7682

    MEmu Problem

    you can also use the select bot tool to change your bot settings SelectBot.Exe
  7. Request troops for defence - when shield is running out, long break Requesting for "request troops for defence" as a seperate request- would be greatly appreciated as it was introduce in MYbot AIO MOD 1.8.6. if it can be implemented in latest mybot it would be great.
  8. Do no empty troops in queue(DEB- do not empty barracks). Would love to have this feature Do Not Empty Barracks(DEB) which does not delete the troops in queue when we train double army
  9. alistair7682

    Official MyBot 7.7.2 [r03] Light MOD++

    thanks for the mod @ChacalGyn, 1. can you implement do not empty DEB barracks as the bot deletes the extra troops in the queue. 2. is it possible to have a seperate request troops for defence which was available in the earlier AIO Mybot? Thanks