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  1. auto Starting MyBot in windows 10 ( if startup fails First, one note related. With Elevated CMD and login with the built in Administrator account, MyBot was starting ok. It shows on Task Manager as it should. Login with my personal account which also has administrator status, however the program would NOT start at logon no matter what. Checked with CCleaner, Revo, ZZ Startup Manager, Built in Win10 tools. Copied the desktop shortcut to the proper Startup folder and nothing. It would show on Task Manager, doubled even since I had manually added the shortcut to the folder and "not measured" because "never started". This solved it 100%: 1. Hold the windows key+R and bring up the run dialog box and type in "regedit" and hit enter 2. Navigate to this registry key location: "hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run" 3. Right click on the right side of the panel and go to New->String value and that will create a new string value that you can rename to the name of the program you want to run ("MyBot" in my case) 4. Double click your new string value and under where it says "value data" type/paste in the dialog box the path to the program (copying it from the desktop shortcut is the easiest) . In my case, MyBot is in: "C:\users\myloginID\desktop\mybot\mybot.run.exe MyVillage MEmu MEmu" ( if you use another Emulator replace MEmu with it. 5. That's it! You're done. And now you can restart your PC to check and see that the desired program now starts up automatically with Windows 10! Repeat for as many bots as you run. BUT WAIT!! THere is more: Make Sure you set the Bot to auto Start from 10-90 Seconds after starting the bot. Lastly the Bugger UAC ( user account control) to disable this (not reccomended) go to control panel select users change UAC settings, and lower it so that the popup does not show. There are other ways to do this, but you will need to google: how to DISABLE UAC for specific APPS. Happy Botting