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  1. So I bought myself a vps to get my th7 to a higher th without doing anything, but the bot doesn't want to upgrade my stuff for some reason, it only upgraded my king from 1 to 5, then tried to upgrade my stupid collectors, which he couldnt upgrade because of the th upgrade buff, and then he upgraded my barrack from 1 to 4.... It seems like he only wants to use 2 or 3 builders at a time even though I got 5 damn builders.... walls are max already. I don't know what to do tbh, I kept upgrading my stuff manually.... Using the 2 GB Ram VPS from KSOL Here a screens
  2. same problem, hope anyone can help us.... Windows 10 64 Bit RX 5600 XT // Ryzen 5 3600 // 16 GB Ram The bot doesn't spit out any error, it just keeps writing exiting in 2 minutes bla bla bla
  3. https://imgur.com/a/p3jpB1g I don't know whats causing this error, the bot worked before and now it doesn't want to work anymore I also had the problem with the manual search function, where it just stopped searching even though the loot wasn't even close to the one I search for...
  4. TH10 (freshly upgraded) 22 queen and 22 king currently using GiWiZap (going to switch to mass miner soon) 1800 trophies 14 hours of botting daily looking for farming / trophy pushing and clan games 🙂
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