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  1. I had this, i made a new profile and deleted the old one.
  2. This could be a very stupid question and or in the wrong section, apology's is so! Is there anyway i can donate from my main and have 10 account or something running on another two bots requesting then deleting my troops from CC. Or would i just need them to go to battle with just CC and lose? Sorry if stupid question!
  3. Do you think I should slow down on the botting to 6 hours spread out like a regular work day, lunch break, after work and before bed? in the schedule that sort of schedule
  4. I know there is a thread but alot of them are outdated, I was wondering if there were any new cheaper ones? I used to have the good wtith the dual instance and it was annoying but done the job. the price of windows desktop was a joke! Sorry if this has bee asked a million times.
  5. I use Bluestacks, TH13 with electroloon. works fine for me
  6. Wrong section buddy. also the official mccc have their own website with how-to guide.
  7. Me, I do. all my accounts are not the same TH. as do many people i've met.
  8. SuperCell ID allows up to 8 (as I'm aware i could be wrong) per instance. Running 10 would be really hard on your PC and the downtime between training troops makes that pointless too. As @RoKSeus try less instances. I personally would use 2 instances with 5 accounts on each.
  9. https://ibb.co/n6FFyTZ Any idea why i get stuck here?
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