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  1. everytime i open emulator this black windows pops up and closes every 2 seconds its annoying and i cant do anything on the pc. when i close emulator it stops, how can i hide this adb window to work in background? please help thank you.
  2. How to removed ADS from latest MeMu emulator because when bot opens emulator and ad pops up the bot cant click emulator CoC app i notice it just hangs there on emulator main window where apps are. Thanks for the help.
  3. 1. How many Attacks does your account have? 2. How many attacks per season is normal? This guys apparently has 70k(70,400) Attacks 🤔 is this NORMAL??👀 https://forum.supercell.com/showthread.php/864601-70-400-Attack-Wins-In-A-Season-_
  4. Standard attack with - "Use Smart Attack: Near Red Line" OR Smart Farm Attack
  5. is this still the script to use so bot searches to see if there are new ips etc before bot starts? also do i run this script before i start my bot? or when i start mybot it auto starts this for me? sorry im a little confused i just started botting and i want to block the ip and use this script to change ip firewalla rules automatacly correcxt me if im wrong. thanks ALSO: where do i put this "If you want to add as an include in Mybot.run.au3. Add the following line to MBR includes after creating the file above. Then save and right click on file and compile script. #
  6. what do u mean?? i put 120 in archer slot and it trained 120 arches not 12 super archers lol? do i have to put 12 in super archer slot??????
  7. how can i get super troop to work???
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