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  1. The iTools config.bat file link is broken. It says "File does not exist on this server"
  2. If your bot is slow; there is no issue with the bot. Just organize the work for the bot to do and delete the unwanted work which is not necessary. Usage of VIP can increase the performance of BOT. Also use of Gather search action can also help your BOT to perform better.
  3. Yes, its hard and risky too if got caught.
  4. In case of hacking, i love this site, you mst have a look, in case you want to go for any cheat engine tables
  5. Hi, in case of emulators, check for the- Base Address in Nox Emulator, there you can see the details and imformation evrything you need to know.
  6. Hey, 1 doubt, is it possible to get unlimited hacks in COC for my account?
  7. Try for bluestack emulator, i really love the interface and ux cx
  8. This might be helpful for you- L2Divine is a project for developing bot to work on alternative Lineage 2 private server supported for God - Goddess of Destruction. With a large set of key features on auto battle, auto trading, scripting, drop/spoil database and other powerfull features.
  9. Hi, Just try on google, but make sure to download the latest one and it could be updated, otherwise you have to uninstall and install new version every time.
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