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  1. Thanks you 😁 But it was easier than a background image search 😅
  2. EDIT: I now know how use ADB This is an exemple : Run("D:\Program Files\Nox\bin\adb.exe -s " & "" & " " & "shell input tap 728 336", "", @SW_HIDE) OR $adb_directory = "D:\Program Files\Nox\bin\adb.exe" $adb_device = "" $adb_command = "shell input tap 728 336" Run( $adb_directory & " -s " & $adb_device & " " & $adb_command, "", @SW_HIDE) I now create a function for use an ABD control ☺️ Next Step : Interact with screen event with a background image search or something similar 😍 (I need and bette
  3. Thanks Nytol ☺️ My first question is about the "background" system. I discover ControlClick with MyBot and I try it, I take few day before i realize it do not work with new emulator, so i solve it with old memu and nox version Now ControlClick work, but only when memu is activate. Where am i wrong ? I have issues with my GuiGetMessage too but i am currently at work, I will try to solve when I back 😅 Thanks ❤️ Update: I discover "ADB" is it a direct method to communicate with the emulator ?! 😵 It will probably better to study ADB fonctionnement for use
  4. Hi, I am Hades, I am using this forum and your project for learn and depend my Autoit level. For training i am coding a bot for an old version of a little game (GrowCastle apk) But "MyBot" is a awesome, and i am lost in the complex code Can i use this post for ask questions and study Autoit for Android emulation bot ? Thanks and sorry or inconvenience 😅
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