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  1. yes i think i did.. as i said, if i'll add any troop, it will mess up the drop, it will always switch between slot 1 and 2 when dropping, which kinda ruins and make it look like a bot.
  2. ive read everything and if its true, its kinda scary.. i dont know you but it sounds kinda weird that you said they know everyone who is using a farmbot if they want, and the other thing you said about that you can even get banned years after not using a bot.. idk.. its like you are saying every bot user gets on a list of 'botters', it makes sense they'd do it but im not sure if they'd keep every account id for years, i dont know.
  3. ive tried that but since there are 2 slots, miners+archers for example, the bot messes up the miners drop, im using smartfarm and if i add archers, what it will do is drop miners, archers, miners, archers and will keep going like that even if there are no archers to deploy, so it will stop dropping miners normally which is no good. i am kinda surprised there is not an option to attack with less than 100% army..
  4. I have 252/255 army space and whenever i click to do double train, theres a message saying "theres a big guy blocking our camp" or someth like that and it just removes the second army, is there any way i can double train even if my army is not 100% using the army capacity? im using miners.
  5. this bot is amazing, but its pretty outdated in terms of humanizations nowadays.. this bot needs a whole lot of work on randomizations, every little bit of this bot needs randomizations if you want to make the bot as safe as possible, i dont really know what the risk is of getting a ban, if its high or not, nobody can know but ofc making the bot look like a bot is getting the percentages higher, just my take. btw about the drag thing you were talking about, im 99% sure its not possible for them since the bot needs to be in one state of image to recognize the images that they put in
  6. what attack are you using that is human like? would be really nice if you could share with me, im trying to look for a humanlike attack and i hate barch or gibarch, every botter uses those armies or attacks with them.
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