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  1. @Chilly-Chill Appreciate the reply! btw, since time has changed and supercell are more evolved with stopping botters n such, are you considering to add some humanization to the attacks in the future? custom troops drop delay, randomization for SmartFarm attack, and in general a lot of humanization and randomization to the attacks since the main reason for people getting banned are the attacks, I guess that is what supercell is mainly looking for, and different csvs can add some randomization but csv are and will always be a risk to use, that is where randomization comes in, randomization is th
  2. hi, so i was wondering, if you get banned in coc, and say i have 2 phones, two of them are using the same apple id for everything but in coc they're using different supercell ids, two different account, if one account gets banned, do they ban the apple id that the account is on or they just ban the supercell id and that's it, my other account on the other phone but on the same apple id is safe? thx for the help.
  3. AIO mod has some old features and new features, some of them are really useful. the downside of this bot is that it works much slower than the original bot.
  4. oh.......... so there is a bug with this, right? i mean, double train is pretty necessary to save time, its kinda hard to not use it just because i need to have max total army, i wish i could train any army no matter the cap and the bot would not cause issues, but idk.. thx for the answer, i guess its the double train that causes it.
  5. thing is i've tested it with Custom Train aswell and it shows the same message, and still deletes and retrain my army. i will test it again now and edit my message with the settings ive tested.
  6. i don't get it and i'm sure there is a solution to that, why does the bot always delete my troops when my army is not full, i want to attack with only one troop and i dont want more troops, which makes it so the army is not full, but i dont know how to make the bot attack when the army is not full, i need help. it says - Chief, is your Army ready? Yes, it is! [11:27:17] Checking Troop tab: 480/490 [11:27:18] A big guy blocks our camp [11:27:21] Checking Troop tab: 240/490 my army settings are -
  7. hi, thanks for your effort to make a better bot, but why does it feels like Aio bot feels so slow, the ui is not responsive aswell and it just works really slow, is it just me? or its intended to save resources?, thanks. @Boldina
  8. I mean, I can't afford to lose my account but I still want to use my bot as human-like as I can, so we should be trying to improve the bot to be more human-like and probably, logically, going to reduce the bans, don't you think?
  9. I see... but what is your opinion on it? Do you think it should be dropping with a delay on the start like we drop troops with our fingers? I think it should be a must for attacks and make it more human like, what do you think?
  10. Oh i see, btw it leads me to a question i had all the time, so when you attack normally with your hands, if you hold down your finger when dropping a troop, theres a delay before it speeds up the drop rate process, right? and when the bot attacks in SmartFarm or Standard Attack, theres no delay when you start dropping, like, it should act the same as we drop aswell, it should start dropping slow and then fast like when we drop with our fingers, thats how coc works, i know that you can up the delay of the deployment on the click delay option but it still does not act like we drop troops, it wil
  11. Thanks again for 7.8.8, really appreciating your work, just as i was reading the patch notes, I wasnt sure what has changed in the attack types, would be happy if someone can explain to me because i felt like smartfarm and standard attacks needed a change.
  12. I see that you want to do a harder attack better with the faster deployment, but don't you care that it's so fast it looks like it was made by a bot? because the fast deployment of troops really looks like a bot did it, and slower deployment looks like a human did it
  13. It's because they care about botting the shit out of this game, I care about not getting banned but what slider do I need to use to change the deployment rate of troops? thanks for your work again. what attack are you using? what troops? thanks buddy
  14. @Boldina managed to fix "Cannot find army window" by changing the game engine from OpenGL to DirectX, dunno why it worked but oh well. by the way, why does SmartFarm and Standard Attack deploys troops so fast? is there a way to lower the speed of deployment and make the deployment rate random? both of the attacks deploys troops really really fast, thx.
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