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  1. I forgot to update the post, i create a new user on my w10 and the bot works perfectly now! 😄
  2. I donwloaded a fresh bot and stills the same, i will check my pc noow ty @Nytol
  3. I tried nox and the error remains the same, i will check if something of my system is blocking the bot update u after ty for the support
  4. ERROR FAILED CREATED NEW PROCESS AND LAUNCH FAILED Mybot version : MBR_v7.8.4_SP1. Emulador version: BlueStacks - Rooted System :https://imgur.com/a/IGh5o0I Bot folder: https://imgur.com/a/orYJq5v Error print: https://imgur.com/a/UAg4YWR (Already started with MyBot.run.au3) My Bot don't start the COC, he just open the bluestacks and nothing the error continues to appear until I close the bot logs, lib and debug: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lut3oh2umt5ol45/logs%2C_lib_and_debug.rar/file 2020-08-01_13.01.00.log
  5. I already have these files and have already run as administrator and the error persists
  6. I have this error https://imgur.com/a/2P8N0nE i can't run the bot because of this help pls
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