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  1. Mybot alway telling me this when i tried to open the second MEmu_1 [2:37:51 PM] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [2:38:01 PM] Cannot find MEmu instance MEmu_1 [2:38:01 PM] Available MEmu instances are: [2:38:01 PM] MEmu [2:38:01 PM] Unable to open MEmu instance 'MEmu_1' [2:38:01 PM] Please check emulator/installation [2:38:01 PM] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter [2:38:01 PM] Unable to continue........ [2:38:02 PM] Cannot start MEmu, please check log [2:38:05 PM] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== Can any one give me the solution for this problems UwU
  2. I don't know why my Mybot delete the files after i press in the MyBotrun.exe. It appears after u try to use au3.
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