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  1. Hello I tried to run 2 accounts. I created 2 profiles (one for each account), I selected the `supercell ID` mode, I placed the order of the profiles in the same order as the supercell ID that appears for choosing the villages. When I use the bot, he always open the main one first, does everything he needs to do and then says that he will change the village. When he leaves village 1 to go to village 2, the bot leaves village 1 and logs in village 1 again. what am I doing wrong?
  2. This happens even with the bot stopped (even if I don't press start). I refer to the function of dragging the game window when it is not maximized to fit more than one program on the computer screen, for example. When you hold the mouse at the top of the screen and drag. At this time I see that the mybot screen is slow. When I stop moving the screen, it still keeps moving slowly and stops only after a while. ... and I'm sorry for the Portuguese at the beginning! xD
  3. Boa tarde, Depois dessa versao 7.8.5, o meu MyBot esta lento quando arrasto para posicionar ele na tela do computador. Com o emulador (se ele estiver separado do mybot) nao acontece o mesmo, somente a tela do mybot. Alguem saberia me dizer porque isso esta acontecendo? Obrigado!
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