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  1. the problem occurred when choosing "queued troops only" in donation . i choose "queued troops only", at first it works pretty well. but after donating some troops and training what has been donated, more troops image will appear in queue,and some of the troops will not appear in the line ( for example, at first ,queue troops: 7hog/2ed/3 ice golem/3 pekka/11balloon after donating and training maybe: 1hog/1ed/2ice golem /2pekka/5balloon/6hog/1ed/1ice/1pekka/6balloon so in this case, there will be more troop images in queue and sometimes they're so much that only part of them can be shown on screen. (picture below) then mybot can only read troops are shown but cannot slide the line to read others. it results in the fact that it consider some troops are missing and wil delete all troops in queue or train some enough troops. here settings my bot says" Top-up queue failed!" then troops in queue are deleted
  2. thanks a lot i couldn't find it before , now i get it
  3. i choose "smart farm attack" to attack DB , but i notice troops are deployed quite fast that it is not human-like. how can i adjust the deployment speed or are there any better solutions? by the way ,what's the difference between "smart farm attack" (3nd one in attack list) and standard attack(1st one) thanks for help!❣️
  4. thanks .it realy helps.☘️ but it says "if 2nd troops are not ready,donate whaterer exist in 1st troops" does it mean in this case, bot will neglect keywords and donate randomly?
  5. when i only use it as a troops donor(no attack),i encountered several problems 1.when choosing "double troops",not choosing precise troops, my bot will delete some finished troops(1st line) to make the troops as same as settings.and all 2nd line troops will often be canceled.how can i set it to donate but not delete?or are their any settings for donation? 2.i cannot change the troops "yeti"'s keywords,even if changed,it will be back to normal every time i start the bot . i suspect it a bug thanks a lot for help!O(∩_∩)O~❣️ plus ,now my troops making may be 10Hog Rider/10balloon/10Wizard can i set it as 1hog/1balloon/1wz/1hog/1balloon/1wz........? thanks a lot for help
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