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  1. I'm running th13 and lab is working fine for me.
  2. Yeah but there isn't any option to switch armies while dropping or changing attack scripts.
  3. No they changed the lab dimensions game wide, not just for th13.
  4. Offering help for faster image recognition I'm an engineer maining Machine Learning. I saw that the bot still uses old image recog techniques that are computationally heavy. I can help with the transition. Just offering my help. Look forward to working with y'all.
  5. Drop Attacks Like Dead Base and Live Base, another option to put different armies for dropping, like setting 50% barch. We could get high G+E returns, in lesser training time.
  6. - Townhall Level 12 - Hero 30-59-31 Townhall Level 10 - Hero 13-13 - Hours per day you bot 20/24 - Do you war? No - Do you have Discord: can be installed if nessesary
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