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  1. i wonder if it really is as the guy above me said.. if we block the connection to unbotify, will they not suspect that something is going on with whoever blocked the connection? the guy above me explained it better. i wonder what are your thoughts about it @ShaneOss
  2. oh so thats why!, im kinda new to the bot so this answer is everything i needed, Thanks!
  3. Bot does not use hero or clan troops Hi, I might be missing something but the bot never uses my hero in battles and really rarely uses clan castle troops. same with lightning spells, first of all it never brews lightning spell and rarely uses it in battles. im using smartfarm with smartzap. TH 7, Thx.
  4. wasnt talking about me banning me personally, i was talking about whoever using the bot, which is a lot of people.
  5. maybe pushed a small anti cheat or whatever anti bots update they have, who knows.
  6. Game just went down for maintenance Does maintenances need to concern us? or only updates should concern us.. I don't really know if i need to ask that but i feel like it should concern us so i ask... thx.
  7. What happens after a vps subscription run out? So i just recently got vps for one week and i wondered, what happens after my subscription to the vps runs out? will my google information which is on bluestacks still be there? or the whole vps is like resetting? thanks.
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