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  1. are Brawl Stars bots exist? Hi, its totally off topic but do they exist? ive tried googling for hours, couldnt find anything, thx.
  2. I only need to run one instance, what should i get? and by the way, on the 5euro pack, it says 15euro after windows and first setup, did you buy it like that?
  3. could you kindly tell what settings you chose on contabo? or for me atleast i only want to run 1 instance, which one should i get?
  4. oh.. I wish we could just customize the deployment time only, It's really important since the current drop time is crazy fast, even faster than using 10 fingers ;d
  5. Hi, I don't know if it's been answered before but my question is, is it possible to change the time deployment of troops ? like right now I'm using a CSV just because if I use smartfarm, the deployment time is so fast! like inhumanly fast, so can I change the time between each troop drop? I hope I can because my only option right now is to use csvs.. using smartfarm is really a fast deployment time and it looks like a bot for sure, thx.
  6. well I got all the answers I needed, thank you very much. can be closed.
  7. thats what i needed thanks. by the way the cheapest vps after setup in contabo cost about ~15euros, do you know any other vps that cost less maybe? i dont think i need bot ready vps because how hard is it to just download the bot and bluestacks..
  8. I appreciate your answer so much, I've tried ksol vps for over a month and their support is really at the bottom, never buying from them again. i saw contabo is a great vps service. just that i dont know if i need the windows os to run the bot. i will post two images showing their customizations that confuses me - This is a 2 cores and 4gb ram vps 1) Do i have to go with windows to be able to run the bot smoothly or the but can be run on other OS? 2) do i need to add anything here or leave it all blank?
  9. I dont use 2 accounts but i wanted to start using it in the near future, i have one question though, my thought of running 2 accounts at the same time was just open 2 Mybot softwares and 2 emulators, one memu and one bluestacks. its much more work and i dont even know if it will work but i feel like its much more safer than running the bot on one emulator with 2 scid accounts connected to it, what do you think?
  10. Help with buying vps from contabo Hi, I was looking to purchase a VPS from contabo because it seems pretty good but the customizations are kinda confusing me so can someone recommend me what VPS to buy or what customizations to do to the first VPS which is 2 cores and 4GB ram, I just want to run the bot there that's all. The thing that bugs me is it has an option to choose an operating system and it shows windows for 5euros, but if I don't choose anything, what OS would I have? kinda confusing to me and also kinda feels meh to add 5euros for OS, if that's the only os I can use for the bot I guess ill buy it but I will wait for your help, thanks in advance.
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