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  1. Use the bot at your own risk. There is always a chance you can get banned. Stick to the default settings to avoid detection.
  2. Will the bot ever be able to friend challenge. Like every hour it posts a challenge? it would be good for practice.
  3. jemforts28 DM sent see you in the clan! DM sent see you in the clan manuell9 DM sent see you in the clan Dilly Reba
  4. DM sent see you in the clan IbraDaGreat
  5. Could the bot access the war map and download war replays or multiplayer replays? The war map is available long after war and so are the replays, but they eventually go away. Would be cool if you had a replay you didn't want to lose the bot could download them.
  6. DM sent again master dk. See you in the clan
  7. DM sent hangkasturi! see you in the clan!
  8. DM sent to jacobshacks master dk Jn50 See you guys in the clan. -cj
  9. Deleday & lightingblue DM sent. See you guys in the clan we are almost full.
  10. All PM sent, Fillin, NaNaz & saikijat. See you guys in the clan.
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