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  1. Hey all! I just started with botting again with my brother, it seemed like a good idea to us to make a whole clan for lava loon farming. Here are some rules and key announcements: - Must have donation / request on (including the right keywords) - Do not ever say bot or talk about bots in general - 24/7 botting is allowed, bot as much as you want ? - Joining the discord is obligatory - No drama - Clan war is optional - Always max clangames - Only use lava loon or request lava loon troops - HAVE FUN! you can add me on discord if you want to join: initiating self destruct#7485 Up! 12/50
  2. So, I have 7 accounts which I use to switch between them. But, in the gui I can only select 5 accounts even though I set the amount to 7 and set them all up. So now, the 7th and 6th will never be reached because it opens the 5th supercell id when it tries to load them. How do I fix this? https://gyazo.com/b560df2fca71ad624bcfc2db5a932302[/img] this is what it looks like, total accounts is 8, but only 5 supercell ID can be selected
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