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  1. GTFO mod keeps opening and closing clan chat>? how to stop it closing and keep the clan chat window open to check request constantly?
  2. anyone got time for a newbie coder for a quick fix? struggling to find the problem
  3. @Nytol looking into this now, looks promising thank you! have you used the SKD mod on this before?
  4. i dont think this is the resolve im looking for, if you join a req and leave clan you will see exactly what im talking about the bots these guys are using will fill your request in under a nanosecond. anytime 24/7 its always ready and always waiting. mybot is more like the slug of the botting world. seems to wander off and think about other shit bots think about idk? there are reqs that sit there for over 10 minutes without being checked this is clearly not the same system? whats happening here
  5. weve all been in those req and leave clans where the bots donate faster than a human can even donate, ive been wondering what bots they are using as it is insanely fast is this possible to do with a mybot mod? or do i have to look elsewhere for a bot that can do it this quick? can someone point me in the right direction?
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