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  1. 49 members strong, always 3 people online! Come join us for free war stars and loot , Official GFL Clan 🌍
  2. 12 hours for all total, they are on a rotation
  3. just use shared prefs, i have the max of 8 switching and they are al connected via SCID, shared prefs just ovverides it
  4. Are you familiar with GFL? Global farming alliance. Free war stars and loot! Message me on discord, hmmok#8713 🌎OFFICIAL GFL/BZLM 🏁不 战 联盟🏁 Show GFL/OL/FWA base upon entry📍 🌍OFFICIAL GFL Clan🌍 💥 NEW Clan💥 🔥 International Clan 🔥 🔍Seeking TH13-14🔎 ⚠️Must show farm base upon entry ⚠️ ✅Easy relaxed clan - no drama ✅ 👀Looking for Loyal members only👀 📌Replacing inactive members📌 ⚔️Stress free wars⚔️ 💰🌟Free Loot and War Stars🌟💰 🥇Always Completes Clan Games🥇 🔥With CWL🔥 🗣️⬇️
  5. Are you familiar with GFL? Global farming alliance. Free war stars and loot! My clan name is mBearesT. Message me on discord, hmmok#8713
  6. BRAND NEW FWA Active Clan - PM me for info dott#2820 Relaxed environment English Speaking Only Bot Users Fast Donations: keywords "loons , ed , rage" Donation/Received ratio is 1:1 FARM WARS /No CWL Townhall 11+ Only Must FOLLOW CLAN MAIL AND ATTACK IN WAR DISCORD is MANDATORY ⛔IMPORTANT ⛔ Please Never Mention Bot in Clan Chat⛔ How to Join Our Clan: - Townhall Level - Hours per day you bot - Discord
  7. clan looking for members Hi all, currently botting with 12 accounts. If anyone wants join tell me, current donating MAX EDRAGS AND LOONS. Wars optional. Th10+ recruiting Clan chat on Discord app ***Never ask anything on chat about bot***
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