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  1. i used not only in cwl, in every war for months. my other acc on same emulator is not banned but i didnt use bot in it i was using light mod 7.8.1 electroloon 4.0.1 by chack but i didnt attack last few days you can see from the loading screen that i got the ban after winter update. i told everyone in my clan to install the bot, i sent them mybot.run website, but no one installed the bot, i hope they are not banned
  2. i was banned im th11 i didnt bot for few days during the ban wave
  3. i manually searched , collected resources, only used bot for the attack. i think developers are detecting something like screen resolution. i used in cwl always, every war, but didnt get ban. didnt play 2 days because i didnt have a proper clan
  4. i didnt play last 2 days i dont even run the bot, i use only the attack button, i dont attack much
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