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  1. If you use the original version of mybot 7.7.7 you can use your profile folder New version Uploaded Fix scroll on requests
  2. ارور میگه که NOX نصب نداری پوشه Profile را پاک کن
  3. Bot Updated New Features : Add Spell donation Add an Option To Donate Exactly like order and Donate like Any of this orders
  4. File uploaded Download and tell me What's the bugs
  5. Enforcing Fair Play [17 July News ] Hi This is a Warning form supercell It’s time to step up our commitment to Fair Play and provide a level playing field for everyone. The use of bots has always been against our Terms of Service and subject to disciplinary action. We have worked hard in the past on an automated detection system which helps us to identify accounts utilizing bots to gain an unfair advantage in the game. We’re in the process of implementing and testing this new system. Consider this a warning! After a grace period of several weeks we will start to issue permanent bans to any account identified to be using bots. -The Clash of Clans Team
  6. MyBot 7.7.7 Special Donation Dictionary Updated to V 0.3  Features as of now: Donate troops specially from Dictionary for each request Spell donation An Option To Donate Exactly like order and Donate like Any of this orders How To Run Note:  Download:
  7. troops requests dictionary Hi everybody please add an option to have dictionary of troop requests Most of time people request repeated troops and you can add it too dictionary automatically And sometimes the request is a specific one for example : 2 giant 1 pekka rage 1 edrag 2 loons freez 1ice golem 1pekka 1freez 1poisen We can add this request to dictionary and determine each request links to specific troops and spells sorry for my English
  8. Wall Wreker drop point option for farming Hi every body if bot drop the wall Wreker like this sometimes has a chance to destroy the dark storage please add a option on dead or live bases Streach a line between townhall and dark storage
  9. th11 archer 6 Preferred Tactic:gibarch hours spent botting a day: 24  Telegram available: yes
  10. I need A farming Clan Hi I am Th11 I Need Balloon and I donate giant and Balloon Balanced 24/7 No War CLAN level >=10
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