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  1. My bluestacks 2.5.43 seems to be stuck on an error and cannot launch. I get this from mybot: https://textuploader.com/1gmf0 thanks for the help!
  2. Previously(around a year ago) I botted for a month straight 24/7 for a month with barch, that account is still unbanned. Is that still possible these days or should I reduce the time?
  3. On bluestacks 2.5.43 and 0.10.7, I can sign into google play with no issues, but I cannot sign into my bluestacks which then forces me to login after a couple days of use. Of course when this happens I can't do anything as I cannot sign in. Any way to fix this? Thanks!
  4. Sometimes the bot opens CoC and waits for it to open and when it's about to finish loading the bot just restarts it and causes a long loop of doing that. I'm using latest mybot and 2.5 BS It's a pc with 8gb of ram and 4cpu, only running the bot.
  5. I'm aware of that and that's what I had on, including random close and without shield. But when I watched the bot run it didn't actually perform what it says.
  6. When cooking an army, the bot checks the time length remaining then makes a wait time and should close the app, this worked in previous versions but in this one it just seems to sit there while having CoC open the whole time and waits for the army. Do I have to enable something? Is this a bug?
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