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  1. makes it feel like a mining game
  2. clan around full with random lower levels
  3. bot crashes.. Hello for the last few days both of my bots have been having the same issue saying "File not found" ...(pasted the line below in bold). I think it happens when the bot goes through donation requests but I'm not certain. I have watched the bot just crash by itself and was wondering if anyone would know of a solution. I reinstalled the latest version of the bot (7.7.7) but it still does the same thing. Also, normally my attacks go through every half an hour but they seem to be much slower since I've noticed this happening. I would be fine to turn off donations if that is the issue but I rather not. [10:09:17 PM] File not found: C:\Users\amurr\Nox_share\OtherShare\D5C288956AB36CEE36043DF028C0487223C3682E
  4. New farming clan // 24/7 loon/siege // optional wars Need help to build up clan full of botters we have 3 botters, rest of clan is full of randoms that war and request looking for people to help run with me and people for clan games DON'T talk about botting in clan chat
  5. I have now 10 members in the clan, they are all randoms but looking for some botters to help establish this clan with me.
  6. Brand New Botting clan, need experienced people to help grow Looking for people who want to start up the clan with me. I'm looking for us to do wars once a week and have a 24/7 donation clan. I'm a veteran to the game and interested in starting up a clan purely for botters with occasional wars. I have a few accounts I'm gonna put in the clan but my mains are a engineered th11 and a close to max 10. Reply with your th, archer level, and how many hours your bot.
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