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  1. File not found: C:\Users\Name\Pictures\MEmu Photo Seems like quite a few people are having this problem- anyone got a clue as to why it's happening? crashes bot every time.
  2. ah no I didn't - totally forgot and ran mybot.exe will run in the morning and check again - thank you
  3. Brilliant- you're a wizard nope - still doing it
  4. @almdudler brilliant - thank you will give it a go.
  5. I'll try running with quake spell unticked - if no luck will turn smartzap off - shame though as its a bloody good option
  6. Bot keeps crashing and closing whenever it tries to use zapquake, I have two donated quake spells in cc and it seems to be the trigger, it uses one quake then crashes. Running 7.7.7. on MEmu windows 10
  7. How to update bot and keep old settings? Can I update bot and pull shared prefs? or do I have to input all the settings again?
  8. How to update bot and keep old settings? I've used search but can't find an answer, do I have to input the settings again I was using or can I move user folders or something?
  9. me too - posted a while back but no solution so far..
  10. I just went back to smartfarm and its ok now - wierd thing to happen though - was worried for a second there
  11. Virus! pop up message says to donate! I changed my attack from smartfarm to scripted (dragloon initial 1 - see images below) then at a random interval a pop up message shows up and I can't use mybot. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 I have not tried changing back to smartfarm yet - will try now and see what happens.. really annoying- as using the script for season challenge and cant find any other dragloon rage csv's..
  12. Bot keeps getting this error and restarting File not found: C:\Users\Matty\Pictures\MEmu Photo\0D00E3AF228C99D038BDC3181820129AC32556BD happens randomly, I've opened the folder and see the missing file pop up for half a second then disappear again... happens about every 6 seconds or so. windows 10 MEmu 2.8.3 Mybot v7.7.6 PNG here (also, noob question- but I get a sound notification every now and then- also seems to be random ((not when village is found in attack)) I have notifications disabled in mybot and the sound turned right down in MEmu, just can't find what is causing it..anyone know what it might be?) cheers.
  13. Thank You! Just wanted to say thanks to all involved in making this amazing piece of software - I've only been using it for 2 months and am over the fkn moon with how it all works (4 accounts all working farming and donating perfectly) Thank you for the work and time you put in
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