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  1. What humanization settings are you using? Attack & click settings? I'm gonna run another test 24/7 as you have.
  2. Nope, the banned account was created to test MyBot on low level THs --- had to get it to lvl 3 before MyBot was effective. Then when the SC notices came out I decided to see if they would target lower level THs--they did/are.
  3. In the past few weeks there's been a theory floated hereabouts that is you don't bot clan wars, don't bot high levels or in certain leagues (?) that you would fly under the radar so to speak. I wanted to test that theory so I botted a TH7 24/7 using mass dragons attempting to reach masters. It got caught in the 1800-1900 trophy range. Point being, those theories don't hold up --- at least not on this particular account.
  4. I was using Chill's humanization on TH7---they got it. However, they may have made decision or used data from any time period.
  5. I got one today on a TH7 maxed. Running it wide open, 24/7 attempting to reach Master. Was in 1800-1900 trophy range at the time of the ban. It's on a remote machine & will be collecting data/screeshots. Not upset, wanted to push it to see if they would catch it.
  6. ^^^^^ What he said---I don't read Chinese either.
  7. Ok, system reinstalled and this mod running again! Using Leapdroid 1.80---seems light on the resources. Really like the "humanization"--Thanks Chilly!
  8. Bluestacks 2.4.53 This: "Emuators used to test: BlueStacks 4.80, BlueStacks 2.4.53, MEmu 6.2.1, Nox 6.3.0, Droid4X 0.10.7, iTools, KOPLAYER 2.0.0, LeapDroid 1.8.0" is a quote from the post about the newly released 7.7.8. Does anyone know where to find BlueStacks 2.4.53?
  9. Do you have any idea why 7.7.6 runs on BS 0.10 but 7.7.7 doesn't? Oh, and it's not the windows version, I don't think. I'm running W10 but not the featured--it's version 1511.
  10. Thanks for the tip but yes, I did that and a whole lot more---reinstalled 4 different versions of BS per the site's recommends, tried unmodified versions back to 7.5, ran SFC several times. Something obviously has become corrupted in the OS. Since it's a dedicated laptop to MyBot/COC fresh install is gonna be easiest.
  11. Yep, a bit over the top I admit, but after spending 3 days searching everything on these forums and the only thing I have to show for it is a system that is "broke" and not able to roll back to 7.7.6 I'm a bit peeved. MEmu doesn't run on most of my devices, nox I'm not interested in learning something new especially since BS is the most efficient of the emulators. So, I'll now scratch the disk, reinstall windows & put BS 0.10 & Chill's 7.7.6 hotfix back on. It's a great mod... ...thanks for doing it. ;>)
  12. I have no idea why that post pops up..... ....anyhow, why is this mod defaulting to nox. I change config files repeatedly and it wants to run nox. I don't know what nox is and don't care to know. Whey won't this run under BS 0.10, BS 2, BS 3 or 4? Why do coders think it's necessary to break what ran before?
  13. Ok, created a new folder for this mod, did screen caps of my profile from 7.7.6 & started the bot and I get this.... [2:15:14 PM] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [2:15:23 PM] MyBot.run is authenticated [2:15:23 PM] Stopping BlueStacks.... [2:15:23 PM] Please wait for full BlueStacks shutdown... [2:15:27 PM] BlueStacks stopped successfully [2:15:28 PM] Starting BlueStacks and Clash Of Clans [2:15:28 PM] Set BlueStacks screen resolution to 860 x 732 [2:15:28 PM] Please wait while BlueStacks and CoC start... [2:15:37 PM] Unable to load BlueStacks(Bluestacks), please check emulator/installation. [2:15:37 PM] Unable to continue........ [2:15:37 PM] Cannot start BlueStacks, please check log [2:15:38 PM] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== What am I doing wrong--no problems running this mod @ 7.7.6.
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