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  1. Didn't you see -- he's NOT arguing. LOL
  2. Of course you do otherwise you wouldn't continue to claim that SC is setting up to process billions upon billions of data points to ban a few thousand botters. You do realize there are over 100 million people playing CoC. So far their testing has only gone after top-tier players.... ....however, continue to argue with folks about something that can't be proven.
  3. DON'T BOT BUCKO!!!!! And, consider yerself the winner of the argument.
  4. I'm an old retired guy and have watched this bot for hours. My barch, mass dragons and mass balloons do not repeat. The troops are deployed in the same manner I did years ago b4 botting -- lay 1, 2, 3 or more fingers down and drag. Sorry dude, not happening on my accounts. Oh, and yes, look around --- several people have posted the very same thing. Forget it---we ALL would have already been banned.
  5. Mybot install directory > Profiles > [your village name] > config.ini Open it with notepad and search for 'emulator'. Modify it to your desired emulator, close and restart the bot.
  6. Look in your config files --- default emulator is listed --- change it.
  7. Very few people have presented details -- those that have are up in the leagues and botting in clan wars. I don't do clan wars, I just build/max a base abandon it and start another. The highest I ever go is Master & Champion.
  8. Same way we did when SC screwed around with the BK a few years ago. Apple & Google have a process for refund on IAP apps. Apple/Google credits your account what they do with SC I don't know.
  9. Still going full bore---hope they ban my number 1 account---Apple will return me around $3000!
  10. Funny--an announcement & a few bans and SC sorta accomplished pushing many botters to the ditch. Funny--an announcement & a few bans and SC sorta accomplished pushing many botters to the ditch.
  11. I have no idea---hopefully one of the mods will provide an answer.
  12. You might have better luck posting this over in the CVS forum: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/76-csv-attack-files/
  13. You do realize there are over 100 million, as reported, people playing CoC? What you & others are describing is billions upon billions of data to analyze. I don't think that's how SC is approaching it.
  14. The same way several of us got money back several years ago when SC screwed around with the BK --- enticed people to upgrade it quickly and then changed it's powers. SC's defense then was they had the right to change the game in any fashion they chose. Apple & Google agreed with SC BUT, said they had the right to reject their purchase portal. All we had to do was submit to Apple & Google a request based on our purchases.
  15. Attack Plan > Search & Attack > Options > Trophy Settings
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