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  1. xShaw

    Hello All!

    Hello All! Hello, I am new to mybot, I was a user of a different bot that got shut down due to $upercell taking legal action against them a while back. I must say, this one is quite an upgrade, and there is no paywall for certain features, very nice. Will surely donate in the future if you guys can continue with the amazing service. May look into this autoit language as well, it does look interesting. Maybe one day I'll be of use in the future development of the bot.
  2. xShaw

    is this laptop able to run bot?

    Yes, the bot should run on your laptop just fine.
  3. xShaw

    Wall Upgrade/Building Upgrade Synergy

    Oh really? It didn't seem to do that when I had the two activated, maybe it was just a one time thing where it messed up, I'll check it again the next time I have an extra builder. Thank you for the response sir.
  4. Did you try reinstalling the program? If that didn't work, and you are actually missing that file, it looks like that file is part of windows itself, and you should install it. You can follow these instructions.
  5. Wall Upgrade/Building Upgrade Synergy Right now if you have auto wall upgrade turned on, and you keep one builder available for walls, it'll upgrade walls no matter what as soon as you have enough gold/elixir. But if you have building upgrades on at the same time, it is entirely useless because the walls always come first, as they are instant and cost less than buildings 99% of the time. I would suggest adding a feature that will make the bot, as it detects 2 or more builders available, wait for the [next building on your upgrade list]'s upgrade cost in gold/elixir, and then start that building upgrade BEFORE upgrading the next wall, therefore the bot will upgrade walls for the next few days, until the next builder is available, then repeat. This seems entirely doable, but if I am wrong, I am sorry, I have never programmed in the language of the bot. It seems as though you have all the information you'd need stored in the bot already, as long as someone has the upgrade list filled out. Ty for reading.
  6. xShaw

    Mid-Level TH10

    Mid-Level TH10 Hello I am new to MyBot and am looking for a decent botting clan. Primarily using GiWiz, both level 7, but will likely use LavaLoon (Level 6, Level 3) in the future. Will donate whenever possible and I am online almost always. Thanks.