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  1. Thanks, man! I always use github sources, because I'm applying number of patches on top of them. Btw, seems like in the Builder base bot sometime fails with the 'Unknown function name'. The last log message is 'Clock Tower boost is not available' - this is because of low level and absence of the clock tower :-) Did not have a chance to look at the code yet, but probably it may be helpful for you to detect the root cause. I even didn't check this in the original bot, so there is a chance that this is a problem in the forefather.
  2. I recall that some bots had an ability to setup a scheduler or something like that to avoid 24/7 botting. I can't find it in this particular one :-( Did I overlooked it or there is something to help to start/stop game/emulator automagically? Thanks.
  3. Hi @Boldina, Seems like 'check condition in chat' in the "Friend Chanllenge' section doesn't work as expected - it clicks somewhere in the chat and shows popup as following:
  4. @Boldina Do we have Cloud time limit in this mod? My instance stucks sometime thinking that it is in the clouds. I would prefer to have an ability to get back to the village and donate if cloud time is pretty high or in case if this a mistake as in my case.
  5. Thanks for you help, actually I can't reproduce this issue for now. Even for the same words, all chars have been recognized correctly, so I'm gonna keep debug mode enabled and see. As soon as I get the same problem I'll send u required information. @TFKNazGul I've sent u archive with log & pics
  6. ok, no problem, but it may be a bit hard to work with Cyrillic, you know :-) @TFKNazGul could u plz take a look a this particular image, these words have been recognized as "ш ры фри" instead of "шары фриз" again 'з' character (last one) -- it works better and can be detected in some cases, but not at this word. And 'а' character (second one) has not been recognized correctly
  7. @TFKNazGul for the first sight this one works better, at least with this particular character. yeah, works better, but there are some cases when Cyrillic characters are not recognized well. May I help you with training and/or generation of this xml somehow? for example
  8. here is it this request has been OCRed as following: 2: L [2019-12-02 02:59:23.923] Chat Request: пекка ледголем аморо ки тачка as u can see "заморозки" has been recognized as " аморо ки" Cyrillic alphabet has the very similar character - 'э', probably this is the root cause... 'з' vs 'э' :-)
  9. The same problem still exists in the 7.8 - character 'з' is not detected correctly -- "аморо ки" istead of "заморозки", "моро" instead of "мороз", etc
  10. OCR, Cyrillic font, regression @Fliegerfaust, seems like this has been fixed in 7.6.7, but reproducible again with 7.7 :-( Could u please check this again. Thnx.
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