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  1. Agreed. Couple of notes on developer v7.91 release that might help others:
  2. Update: MBR v7.91 is working with TH14 upgrades, BUT: Building auto detect used with new profile generates an error. DO NOT start a new profile. DO NOT move your buildings and use the locate TH, CC, or Lab buttons on Normal Village tab. With TH14: basic farming, requests, donation, and manually located upgrades; all work with upgraded TH, CC, and Lab. Note for trophy push or legend league users: CSV attacking still works TH13 and below. BUT: CSV attacking a TH14 base may not work well. Bot does not have images for new building leve
  3. Reported by others already. V7.91 Bot can not detect new TH14 building levels with auto detect and fresh profile. No one has properly documented the error yet, which means no one knows what is bork'd either. Please follow the guidelines for reporting a bug, or you have to wait.
  4. Have patience. MBRCHAT was not removed from service intentionally. MBRCHAT is hosted on a private owned server. When there is hardware failure, it can take awhile for admin/owner to procure new hardware and reload the server. Once we had major hardware failure on Friday, and chat was down for entire weekend waiting on parts. Patience. The Bot is mostly working after TH14 update. No one has posted any images or debug information that bot is not working in forums? It is expected that MBR will not recognize any of the new TH14 buildings, or leve
  5. Are you reporting a new error? Please post any and all error information related to TH14 update. Developers can not fix it, unless they know what is broken. PS - TH level is not stored as an array. It is simply an integer returned by image detection, based on the number of TH image that matched during search. Since TH14 images are not programmed into MBR yet, TH14 image search should return unknown or TH not found. If you attempt to learn your new TH14 after upgrade and it fails; you can edit the level back to 13 manually in the Building.ini file of the base
  6. Stop looking for the fix, and become part of the solution. Nothing can be understood of your issue if you don't share proper debug logs and images. FWIW - Upgrading the TH, CC, and Lab should not impact bot zoom out? Things that break zoom out are: - overall base sized changed in game, - obstacles blocking stones/rocks used to find base magnification value - you are using an unsupported theme like the new jungle theme?
  7. Bot works for me? If you are using shared preferences, you need to turn them off, or manually update them. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/59433-nox-help/&do=findComment&comment=385059 If you want more help, need to post proper debug information.
  8. Define "will bot work on TH14"? 🙂 My TH13 is upgrading TH, and it takes 20 days for TH14. 😞 Beta test team does not have anyone with gem'd TH14 upgrade as of right now. In 1st 30-45minutes of testing, the bot seems to be working like normal below TH14. Smart farm, CSV attacks, request and donate, all appear to be working. That said: Bot will not recognize TH14 image for farming filter search until code and TH images are updated. But don't need to know TH level for basic farming. Auto find at bot start of TH, CC, and lab; needs new images f
  9. Not a problem with NOX! Pardon my rant: Shared preference implementation is BORK'd!! and/or poorly explained..... The out dated or corrupt 'shared preferences' problem is not limited to NOX. It happens with EVERY emulator including; BlueStacks, Memu, iTools, Koplayer, and NOX Problem? Some left minded developer decided to store shared preferences in %APPDATA%\mybot.run folder, instead of MyBot.run\Profile folder where everything else for each account profile is stored. Why care? The CoC shared preference files store the
  10. Windows OS stores multiple monitor setup and window location information in the registry. If you used dual monitor at home, when you connected the Hotel TV; it used the existing configuration data. The only way to prevent this is to move the Bot/emulator to laptop display BEFORE you disconnect the 2nd monitor at home. Can search WWW for "Clear multiple monitor configuration" for registry editing instructions. Another trick is to use ALT-SPACE to open the right click menu for current active window, then "M" for move, which allows moving active window across display(s
  11. 1) List of supported emulators can be found in Android Status & Information.txt file with every bot download. (inside the MyBot.run\COCBot\functions\Android folder) 2) BS is famous for releasing beta emulator versions with memory leaks, or game compatibility issues. The others are marginally better about memory leaks in beta releases, but it still happens. Suggest to never use any of the latest version emulators with MBR. 3) If you reinstall or upgrade versions with any emulator software; you must delete existing MBR profiles and shared preferences saved
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