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  1. 1) Does the bot see the both scattershot locations? Turn on CVS debug and check locations of buildings found. The CSV debug code will save pre-attack image and mark building locations found and other attack/drop information. FWIW - Image detection is not 100% accurate. Some buildings are detected more accurately (95-99%) than others (60-70%). Buildings that move are less accurately detected. Buildings that are low to ground have more issues too. They can be covered by taller buildings, or hero walking next to it, and never be detected. 2) Read the threa
  2. Best emulator choice for mini-pc tends to force use of particular OS, so picking the OS is a secondary decision. Hardest part with mini-pc is having enough system resources to allow the Android OS to run near full speed inside the emulator. Mini-pc users often report the bot and emulator running slow. VPS users report similar issues and is another group that wants emulator using least amount of resources. Win7 and BS v0.10 used to be the one of the best choices for minimum resource requirements. But as SC releases updated app capabilities based on latest Android an
  3. Never know till you try it? 🙂 Only code broken with Oct app update is quick train feature. Don't use it, and it bot acts like normal. Long Live MBR!
  4. +1 quick train is broken with larger camps. The bot has to deal various army sizes due rate of camp upgrades. Higher amount will not be wholesale issue. Would expect more issues due users not changing the army size in bot GUI after upgrade, that will then create army content or size issues. This will make TH13 CSV more challenging. Have to adjust any TH13 CSV attack files to compensate for larger army, or might find left over troops. Long live MBR!
  5. Clocking? Need more information, maybe pictures? >> What version of Memu? Is Memu emulator damaged? Did you try re-installing Memu? The latest update has some changes to graphics. These require API library functions that are not available in oldest Android versions. Beta test group has reported missing building and graphics issues with BS v0.01 with the latest update. There could be other emulators with related issues too. Community needs to share a lot more information on errors with game updates to understand impact on MBR. Long li
  6. Huh? The ability to run multiple emulators with bot has existed for years. It was available before account switching. 🙂 The only difference from your suggestion is you must to run a separate bot instance to control each emulator. This is an advanced feature using the command line interface, or done by making short cut to run each bot/emulator instance each with separate account. If you open command prompt window, change to the directory where bot files are located, and type: "mybot.run.exe /?" The bot will run and display a window on how to use command
  7. What new version of Autoit? Current version is v3.3.14.5, released: 16 March, 2018
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