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  1. Can't disable HyperV Hello, I'm trying to use an emulator on my school PC just to play, not to use MBR, but my IT administration has locked the BIOS settings and Hyper-V seems enabled no matter what. (doing registry changes or disabling the windows feature) Do you guys have any recommendations on what to use? I don't care about the performance too much, as long as I can just use the emulator for COC to look around and play a bit every now and then. I have tried to use Bluestack 3, latest Nox, and modded LeapDroid but none of them have worked. (either couldn't install or launch)
  2. xenforq

    Issues with ADB

    Issues with ADB Whenever I try to start MBR I keep running into the same issue with ADB over and over again, it provides me the following message: "The procedure entry point _create_locale could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\user1\directory_to_mbr_files\lib\adb\adb.exe" After a few seconds then it outputs to console that a serious error has occurred and tells me to restart my PC and try again. I've tried this but it hasn't helped. I'm running MBR on Windows Server 2012 R2, using Visual C++ Redistributable 10.0.30319, AutoIt v3.3.14.2, and BlueStack as the emulator. This is the latest version of MBR found on the GitHub releases and the logs provided by MBR can be found here. Any additional information you would require I will provide, no worries.
  3. xenforq

    List of VPS providers with free trial

    I don't know if I'm the only one with these issues, but it seems like I have to remain connected via RDP when using Vultr for MBR to work. If anyone knows a fix, please tell me.
  4. xenforq

    "Out of Elixir condition"

    Have any idea which settings I should try and change?
  5. xenforq

    "Out of Elixir condition"

    "Out of Elixir condition" I've just until recently gotten the issue where I keep on getting the error "Out of Elixir condition detected, force HALT mode!", this has never happened before. My logs can be found here: https://pastebin.com/Qa90QQrf
  6. Image related features to Telegram not working Hello, I've just configured the Telegram feature for MBR, and it seems to be running without any significant issues, except one incredibly annoying problem. Whenever I request or the bot is set to do an action related to screenshots it is never able to send the screenshots without keeping to give me this annoying error in my Telegram conversation with the bot. "Main | Unable to Upload File Occured an error type 2 uploading file to Telegram server..." Other features that don't involve screenshots works fine, while all of the features involving images keeps on giving me this error in my DMs. I've tried looking around for a fix by searching the error type up including looking around if anyone else has this issue with MBR specifically, can't seem to find anything. I would be extremely thankful if someone would be able to assist me with this issue. Thanks!