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  1. Okay, thank you. Wish I would have known this earlier. Hopefully it’s not too late
  2. So say I have a VPS on the other side of the world... I'm guessing I would be flagged for account sharing simply by logging in on the VPS and then back at home? Should I just stop logging in at home on my IOS?
  3. This bot keeps looping errors for me for some reason, it will work good for a couple of hours but when this happens I have to completely close out of the bot. This happened last night about 4 hours after I went to bed and had just been looping the same thing for 4ish hours. It also makes the clash of clans window disappear when this happens if that is at all related. Bluestacks will still be open and the bot will be interacting with it, but it is minimized indefinitely and I am unable to make it visible again.
  4. Thanks for the input. I think I've decided to wait until I'm about 2 weeks out from maxing walls before starting the upgrade. And yeah, I have about 300ish wins right now but I feel like the season has barely even started lol will be interesting to see where this finishes.
  5. Should I Upgrade to TH12? I am currently a townhall 11 with a 50 queen, 49 king, warden going to 18, majority level 12 walls, max infernos, max eagle, max xbows, but mostly th 10 point defenses with a few th11. I am about to be sitting on a full dark storage and collectors if I decide to stay at townhall 11, but I am wondering whether or not the extra loot available at town hall 11 would be worth it. Is the loot at th 12 bad enough for it to be beneficial for me to to stay at this level, or should I begin the upgrade? I farm dead bases with Gibarch in crystal. Also, what do you guys consider to be too many attacks won so far in the season? At what point does it become somewhat of a red flag? Thanks
  6. Auto Hero/Wall/Building Upgrades Incompatible w/ Each Other? Hello, I believe the upgrade building function is confusing a builder reserved for my warden for a builder that it is able to use. I have auto upgrade walls turned on, and one builder reserved for walls as well as 2 builders for my warden and king, the rest designated for miscellaneous building upgrades. I recently completed a warden upgrade, leaving me with 2 free builders. After this happened, the bot began skipping wall upgrades despite having more than enough for the upgrade plus the reserved amount. I had over 6 million gold with the walls costing 4 million and a reserved amount of 100k. The 8.8 million the bot was attempting to save was for the air defense that had no builder assigned to it yet. Log: https://imgur.com/hRFsUbz Also, using mybot version 7.7.3 on Bluestacks
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