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  1. : D [2020-01-14 15:35:09.463] MEmu (MEmu) is using OpenGL, disable WinAPI for Background Mode2: D [2020-01-14 15:35:09.467] Enable ADB screencap for Background Mode What about this? Have you tried to change? Also since you have a modded MBR we can't really help you here, ask in the proper topic of Light mod.
  2. Can you provide log of donation and screenshot of MBR donation settings?
  3. MEmu system settings - general - performance - what do you have there?
  4. Try changing Bluestacks settings - OpenGL to DirectX.
  5. That's definitely not the full list.
  6. If it get's deleted then your antivirus may be still working. FIles can't just disappear. Create a folder, exclude it from AV routine and download MBR directly to it.
  7. The issue may be related to the path. Try moving your bot folder to another drive and creating a new profile. Also avoid using spaces when creating windows username, it causes mess sometimes.
  8. MyBot-MBR_v7.8.2\MyBot.run.exe 1 nox nox I don't see where you try to launch a second instance. It must be something like "MyBot.run.exe 2 nox nox_1" (another profile + another instance) And also check this topic:
  9. Either use only gold or set "min elixir save" to your elixir cap minus one wall upgrade cost.
  10. There are two approaches: either you edit config.ini inside you profile folder (you need to change line emulator=) or launch command line (powershell for win10) from the bot folder. Details can be seen here:
  11. I see a collision here - your log says MEmu, but your bot window has nox in it. Check config.ini inside your profile folder and put your emulator there like this: emulator=BlueStacks2 Or any if those: MEmu Droid4X Leapdroid iTools
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