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  1. More than 2 bots at the same time Can someone please show me how to run more than two bots at the same time if possible? Thank you for your time:)
  2. Zain82

    Bot and Multiple Accounts

    Thank you for your answer. So if I have mybot installed on my pc, I can use one bot for different accounts at the same time? I have read people are using the bot on multiple accounts. Or are they using one bot on one account, logging off, and using it on another back and forth?
  3. Zain82

    Bot and Multiple Accounts

    Bot and Multiple Accounts Can I run one bot on different accounts on different devices at the same time?
  4. Zain82

    Bot Version 7.7.1 Please help!

    Thank you, everyone, for your replies.
  5. Zain82

    How likely is it to get banned?

    Thank you sir! I've noticed its hard to find dead bases as a th11. Do you have any setting recommendations?
  6. Zain82

    Bot Version 7.7.1 Please help!

    Is it safe to use version 7.7.1?
  7. Zain82

    How likely is it to get banned?

    What attacks scripts do you recommend sir? I have been using normal settings on bot.
  8. Bot Version 7.7.1 Please help! I turn off the anti-virus and the bot ran fine. I turned it on after 15 and now it wont run. If my anti-virus does not like the new version, is it safe to keep using 7.7.1?
  9. How likely is it to get banned? How likely is it for CoC to know someone is using a bot to farm? Also how many hours a day do you recommend using the bot.
  10. Version 7.2 Problem. Please help! I keep downloading the new version. after extracting I run the bot and when I click start it says I updated to the latest version but a file is missing. What am I doing wrong? The old version works fine.
  11. Zain82

    Cups Settings

    Cups Settings I heard it was good to drop cups. Is there any cups settings I can set so it doesnt go above or do I just have to drop when I log on?
  12. Zain82

    New Bot User

    New Bot User Can someone tell me which file I need to run to use the bot correctly? Do I need AutoIT to run it? I also have a problem logging in with my info to use the bot. Is it the same information that I use here to log in to the bot?