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  1. I was running the bot for 2 years on 2 accounts, one day I was running one and the other was running another, then I learned to leave it running on 4 accounts all automatic, 3 months like this, 2 were banned kkkk It's time for the team to do a mod hack, which activates functions without having, type activates runes function, without having runes, books and etc .... Since the supercell wants to put to screw us ... lol
  2. aquele terceiro é o que?
  3. oi, consigo configurar doações, exemplo se tiver no pedido de tropa 1 gg e lanças, ou dg eletrico e balão, consigo fazer essa doação com o bot?
  4. Na verdade fiquei na duvida, se o navegador estava traduzindo kkkkkkkkkkk como configuro para o bot não buscar recursos e só vila que de no minimo 30 troféus?
  5. I asked why he cited a specific he uses. thanks more, how do i slow down the click speed?
  6. I saw in another post of yours, that you use an older memu, where can I get it?
  7. could you pass me the settings you use on th12 bot?
  8. 134 th12 campeão 3, sempre ativo
  9. Problem with boot and memu Good afternoon, I have a problem, I even reinstalled the memu and mybot and continues the problem. I removed the emails from accounts banned with id supercel and created new ones, I leave the supercell ids of the new ones, but every time I start the bot, it closes the memu and opens with the banned ids.
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