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  1. I was able to save profiles correctly, but when the bot switch from th11 to th7, it was trying to use the same comp as the th11. Do I have to change the comp and then save the profile? Also how will it detect the th position and heroes?
  2. @rbrt Do you know if all my accounts have to be the same th level? and also can I do this on my vpn? and how many accounts can I run on one emulator/bot?
  3. Wooody

    List of VPS providers with free trial

    @kimmo88 What VPS do you recommend to run multiple accounts at once? O was thinking about doing my 5 accounts at once. Any advice on VPS?
  4. Wooody

    A bot for lords mobile

    A bot for lords mobile Would it be possible to release a bot for lords mobile?