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    Remote Control

    Hm okay. I don’t know every command is working now ^^
  2. Morten2602

    Remote Control

    Seems like this problem is just with the german bot version. Changed it to english and everything is working now haha @cosote
  3. Morten2602

    Telegram cmds dont work

    Hey, its a bit buggy/broke right now. The coder is looking on it Regards
  4. Morten2602

    Remote Control

    All right :) Good to hear that <3
  5. Morten2602

    Remote Control

    Remote Control Hey guys, i´m new here I have a little Problem (Sorry if its maybe the wrong section just move or delete it) My Bot is working without problems. I get all the infos in Telegram I want. But if i want to use the remote feature i only get the error Sorry Chief!,/HELPis not a valid command. 2019-02-08_17.22 Any ideas how to fix it? Already created a new Bot but still the same errror (No matter what command I try) Thanks -Morten