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  1. I lost my remote keyboard on all accts after months of working. I tried every trick listed in thread after I read the entire thing. I even did a reinstall and nothing worked. What am I missing. The notifications are coming through fine, just no remote keyboard and even typing commands does not work. TIA
  2. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  3. syl

    Defense request troops

    Thank you. I did not understand what that was.
  4. syl

    Defense request troops

    it simply needs a command to empty the CC then request defense. Not knocking it, trying to improve it LOL. dont take offense. A good defensive CC can make a difference when defending north of 6K.
  5. syl

    Defense request troops

    This is a pointless feature if it does not clear out existing CC troops to allow for a defensive troop request. Please add that, thanks! @demen @ViperZ
  6. inactive bases do not matter. pushing requires you to hit everything.
  7. The one I posted earlier in this thread is what I use.
  8. Does not dump troops before it requests defense. What am I doing wrong?
  9. syl

    Defense request troops

    What am I doing wrong? It doesnt drop the CC troops to request defense, it just uses whats already in there. no one knows?
  10. syl

    Defense request troops

    Bot just crashes once it hits "initializing gui" stage. ok, got it to work stand alone... was trying to merge it with impluse mod. i really needs bb attack and recruit in global functions. Thanks. what does "save CC troops for Defense" mean?
  11. syl

    Defense request troops

    How do I install this on my bot?
  12. The army is the one suggested in the CSV and the search is any base at all. If you are not max, you will struggle.
  13. th12 max. DragLoon 1.0 Initial by Z E C K V2.csv There are multiple botting clans here in the forums that donate 24-7... myself I bot a mini to donate to myself. sitting at 6335 right now, but no bases in sight.
  14. Made it to 6346, but due to defending and no bases to attack it has dropped some. anyone here gone higher than 6346 or do I hold the record?