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  1. Made it to 6346, but due to defending and no bases to attack it has dropped some. anyone here gone higher than 6346 or do I hold the record?
  2. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    Make sure If you have double train clicked you only have 3 ww on the army menu. If you have more it won’t train.
  3. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    I had the same issue. DO NOT unzip the mini exe and you will be fine.
  4. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    In next version, can you add empty troops and request defensive troops at end of guard. this is a feature on [Removed] that is amazing, so it is possible. They are also adding the automatically gem guard if available. these features are must have if you want the best mod going.
  5. syl

    [WIP] CSV Editor

    I take it this died?
  6. What are your top trophies pushing with bot? I hit 6316 last season, and I am just below 6300 now with 10 days left to go in season. Curious to see what the top record is for pushing with the bot. Here is the CSV I have the most luck with , I altered it, and you need loons rage and WW in CC everytime. Feel free to share your favorite CSV with you cup record. DragLoon 1.0 Initial by Z E C K V2.csv
  7. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    What is the best army to use for BB attacks?
  8. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    Likely an issue with the csv itself.
  9. syl

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    Simply scan the file for virus first. I did receive an trojan horse virus from the mini gui exe file, but any antivirus will catch it.
  10. My apologies, I did not know.