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  1. You deadass feeling this cut, maybe we should both be banned then huh? You done it to me cause i called you out. You didn't like the fact I asked why are you botting on a game you don't like. We;ve been over this. grow up.
  2. Really like this! very sleek design! Is this download verified?
  3. Your posts and profile pic give me a giggle everytime i'm here! haha
  4. This is not support sub forum but what version of MBR are you using? Have you tried to open with console? Shift right click on the bot folder "Open command window here" then type "mybot.run.exe YouProfileNameHere Nox" then enter. If this does not work try moving the bot onto your C:/ Drive
  5. I was saying you are tragic, spamming the forums. complaining 24/7 saying the game is boring to play manually. why on earth are you botting on a game you dislike so much? If you find Th10+ hard then quit botting and learn the game. Its always the non donos who complain the most. relax. spot pestering. Everything you need to know has been posted. If you can't be bothered to read through the forum and just need making new posts asking repeated questions, that's your fault.. If you don't want to risk a ban DONT BOT. simple as that ffs
  6. Im hoping it was just a false positive.
  7. Is this regarding that "hotfix"?
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