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    Bot logging out of supercell

    https://imgur.com/a/QFq93je select the option as in the picture, should fix the issue
  2. Thanks for the amazing mod you make, and your hard work!
  3. Rayesto

    Village Upgrade Question

    Yes, if you've selected 1 builder to reserve to upgrade your walls. once a builder gets free (1 of the 4 active builders) it will collected the needed resources and upgrade the building that you want to upgrade.
  4. Rayesto

    Ideal emulator

    memu is the best emulator - but if you're having problems try to use LeapDroid my suggestion to you is try to play with the settings of the bot and the emulator (delay and such of the bot, and the memory cores etc of the emulator) i think this should resolve your problem
  5. Rayesto

    Long time clasher, new botter here!!

    welcome! and good luck!
  6. hello, i have 2 issues with the latest version r3: 1. it doesnt donate troops - it checks the the chat but doesnt donate not in queue nor normal... 2. randomly crashes on army screen (pretty often) [22:11:26] Chief, is your Army ready? No, not yet! [22:11:26] Waiting for Troops [22:11:26] Start: Simple Quick Train... [22:11:26] Open Quick Train Tab [22:11:27] Using Quick Train Tab [22:11:28] - No Click needed On Army: 1| Pixel was :969696 [22:11:29] Using Quick Train Tab [22:11:29] - No Click needed On Army: 1| Pixel was :969696 [22:11:29] Open Army Tab [22:11:41] Please wait for CoC restart..... [22:11:42] Waiting for Main Screen using Nox - directX
  7. Rayesto

    Quick train function

    Quick train function Hello Im having a strange problem with quick train function, for some reason i have it enabled but it doesnt use it. it trains troops manually clicking on the troops... . is there anything i need to edit?
  8. Rayesto

    can someone help me

    joining the questions, Which emulator is the best for using the bot? currectly using bluestacks v2