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  1. Is there anyone whose account has been suspended using only the "smart arm" feature? I delay the smart arm and all the reaction speeds by 500ms and use it randomly delayed. The attack records are like people. Is this a relief?
  2. I suspect that the smart zap is different from the actual user's waiting behavior after one use and one use. Can't you make smartzap use lightning magic quickly? Does it take time to recognize?
  3. I thought using lightning spells would give me more resources. Thank you.
  4. Can I use a spell in a smart farm? I hope we can use lightning magic on the remaining collectors or other spells. In the script, there is no function to judge and attack places where resources are concentrated like smart farms, so we only use smart farms. I think it would be more efficient if I could use the spell. Let me know if you know how. Thank you.
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