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    Walls prio over building upgrade?

    I had it set at 250k before, still did the same thing, checked upgrade, agreed it didnt have the gold, then went to walls and did walls.
  2. Walls prio over building upgrade? Hello I was wondering if I could get some help, so I have building upgrades enabled (not auto upgrade) so my AD's get upgraded but at the same time I have one spare builder for walls and 2 for hero's, all works fine till I have 2 builders in which the spare builder that isnt doing the walls should be saving for the AD upgrade, however this is not the case... and everytime I get 3 mill the gold gets dumped into a level 11 wall... ill leave some pictures below to try and better explain the prioblem https://gyazo.com/aba6ec0a842c63981fc5deea74a1825a https://gyazo.com/8965acb86a5a28d6921f01bc58c9a05e https://gyazo.com/ee832c56374467d026321c5d90d863d1 Now I know it says "Try Elxir first, Hold second" so does this mean that it IS working as intended in terms of the priority but when it gets to the wall stage its ignored? I'm still a little new to the bot and some explanation would be nice,