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  1. Zephiix

    Wall Upgrade

    Just wrote in my thread, download this and configure it, funning this on my TH 10 and 7 with wall upgrades and scripted attacks, no problems at all, happy boting
  2. Zephiix

    MBR Array Variable? v7.7.4

    this version is fully working and has no problems at all with this current update, download this and configure it no point using the latest release when its not working correctly :thinking: hope that helps
  3. Zephiix

    Wall Upgrade

  4. Zephiix

    MBR Array Variable? v7.7.4

    MBR Array Variable? v7.7.4 https://gyazo.com/7c095f7910373bd0b278f47c5c062ce2 Not quite sure but this error keeps occurring every time wall auto upgrade starts any idea? didnt have any issues with the previous versions or with NguyenAnhHD's release Here's a GIF https://gyazo.com/b3f939508db4154b04659d68d5993c0a
  5. Zephiix

    End Battle problems

    End Battle problems https://gyazo.com/9bf8265f5325056b5ccd5987a5a69f39 is this related to the update? idk how to insert an image but the bot gets stuck when ending battle, thank you.
  6. Zephiix

    [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update

    anyone else having a issue with finding army window? and attacks ending?
  7. Will there be a update for Aprils release? Hello guys, as stated in the title will the bot be updated to automate the gold tier/silver tier challenges that come with the next CoC update? Thank you.