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  1. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Nice work DaxHou! Credits to you buddy... I've downloaded Memu 5.6.2 and just did a reinstall with a "retain data". It removed 6.0.6 and installed flawlessly. And.... Bot is zooming out again...
  2. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Yep... Thats what i figured out as well... Just zoom out yourself, so the bot does its work.
  3. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Thx DaxHou, but i always start the bot as administrator... Hopefully the programmers and testers can figure out why the latest version has the zoom problem.
  4. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    This is what i also get (sometimes) when i start up the bot: [16:22:26] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [16:22:28] Watchdog launched [16:22:44] Cannot read MEmu(Memu_1) ADB Device Host [16:22:44] Cannot read MEmu(Memu_1) ADB Device Port [16:22:44] Using ADB default device for MEmu [16:22:44] MEmu Background Mode is not available [16:22:44] MEmu (Memu_1) running in window mode [16:22:57] Android Emulator Configuration: MEmu (instance MEmu_1) [16:22:58] WELCOME CHIEF, YOU HAVE THE LATEST MYBOT VERSION Is that an error? Or something you can ignore?
  5. Joeke

    Hi peeps

    Lol.. Yeah DE is good too... Especially now i'm at TH11... Pfff... those upgrade costs are not funny anymore.
  6. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Pretty weird... When i try the mini mode, it also gives me a message at the start that "background mode isnt working".
  7. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Problem still exists. I've tried your suggestions DaxHou, but it didn't work for me. The only way it works in my instance is when i help the bot with zooming out (i just zoom out myself when the bot wants to do that). After that its all running just fine. But it can't zoom out for itself. And another thing.. Background mode also doesn't work anymore. When i have another application over the Memu screen, the bot can't find the buttons anymore. Can it also be because i've updated Memu from 2.9.1 to 6.0.6 ? I think i had this problem since the upgrade... (not really sure though)...
  8. Joeke

    Zoom problem

    Same here since a few days. Using the latest version of the bot 7.6.6 Using Memu version 6.0.6 Made sure i had no obstacles in my base. Problem still existed... Then i tried to help the bot by zooming out myself for one time. The bot then got back to work. Only problem i now have is that the bot can't train any troops, because my account is in a clan war league... lol Botting again next week.
  9. Joeke

    Hi peeps

    Hi peeps Hey there... Downloaded the bot a month ago and came back here a few times.. So i thought i could just as well register... Really love a CoC bot, because i don't have the time myself (due to work) to get all the gold and elixer for upgrades.. lol