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  1. COC is indeed like a drug. I have thought of uninstalling it many times. But if I do, then suddenly I will have too much free time. I don't know what to do with that much free time. I'm currently pushing in legends and doing wars with 3 maxed accounts and that is already tiring enough. While 3 accounts might not be many for some of you, doing 24 legend attacks is already time consuming and also having to think for 6 war attacks. I have never counted how much I play per day but I guess I play around 3-4 hours per day. It wouldn't be easy to stop if I want to, it has become a routine. I don't bot anymore so getting a ban is very unlikely. Maybe botting when th13 comes out will reduce some of my playing time as I will be out from wars and not trophy pushing. But either way after 2-3 months I will probably max th13 as well and be back to daily routine of trophy pushing and thinking for war attacks
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