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  1. drumaster

    Hello from AMSTERDAM

    Thanks. Heb je nog wat tips voor me je zit al 2 jaar in de game We dutchie are cheap
  2. drumaster

    MyBot Accounting

    Are you guys also accepting ETH or BTC ??
  3. This is a really interesting post. Should recommend that every new bot user should start reading this. One thing is for sure I will turn off my attacking dead base only in the night, also going to create 3 different attacking scripts. @monkeyhunter Hope you will come back online soon again.
  4. drumaster

    Hello from AMSTERDAM

    Thanks for the tip! For now i'm using my laptop that is located at work
  5. drumaster


    فقط الإنجليزية على هذا النموذج explaining that he should use English on this forum
  6. drumaster

    7.6.5 Spell Bug

    Check this:
  7. drumaster

    Hello from AMSTERDAM

    Hello from AMSTERDAM Hi all, Thanks for the open source bot!!! Sharing is caring I'm test engineer and loved to play COC. playing this game for 5 years and didn't know that mybot was an option. Can't wait to try this out