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  1. Use this version, it might help
  2. I'm using memu 2.5.0, it works perfectly fine no issues, you can try it
  3. As long as they don't get to know you are using a bot or any other 3rd party software, you are safe
  4. Try again this link
  5. [Hotfix_v2] Working after April Update Is working
  6. There is already a hotfix v2 that is working just fine. Try that farming is working
  7. Th10 hero 32l38 Th9 hero 19l24 Th7 hero 4l-
  8. Yes there will be update for April patch. Meanwhile you can use hotfix v2, which is available on the forum, for running MBR.
  9. Yes getting banned just for MBR is very rare, One can use MBR without any doubt.
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