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  1. because the troop level are set at zero... click on the troops to set the appropriate level. once you click on the troop type, the box will appear under it.
  2. I'm using nox, but I'd go with rbrt's suggestion and use I've had the best luck with nox, Bluestacks is a hog, and runs shity, and menu gave me issues and didn't run 2 bots at the same time as smoothly as nox.
  3. are you using the current version? and logging in using your mybot.run account info?
  4. well, something is wrong, it works... I stopped using it in favor of chrome desktop remote... lost interest in seeing all the attack msgs, and just need something to turn bot on/off, maybe use some builders, or donate troops... a little weird at first to get used to, but it's nice being able to access 3 computers from my phone while i'm at work.
  5. yes. so, assuming someone sends you a siege, and you want to save that and only use yours? siege options are one the attack page... I would suggest setting it to use what siege you have, and requesting something different... like if you want to use wall wreckers, ask for a stone slammer, that way it doesn't use it, and keeps using yours... does that make sense? if not, you haven't done your part looking around the forums and reading guides... imo, using siege for farming is a waste... 100k gold, to what gain? hope i was somewhat helpful.
  6. try using the tool for [Removed], it's easier for me... you can find it here https://github.com/Fliegerfaust33/SelectBot/raw/master/SelectBot.Exe the bot is probably stuck looking for Nox, and it isn't there... you could also reinstall... goodluck
  7. was it working before? where do you have nox folder located?
  8. where do you have nox and mbr located? is nox the English version? is nox downloaded and set up correctly? like you can get on play CoC on it?
  9. I would think the 3.99 choice would be enough to run one instance... the choice you're looking at should be able to run 2 bots..
  10. I feel like SC would be the best at providing fake screen shots... if they were going out of there way to post here that they got banned, i think they would and could provide proof... also, I highly doubt they're new members, probably been here a long time.
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