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    MyBot + Menu restart continuosly

    Do you have hero Potions from the last game? If yes, sell them. Known issue.
  2. thebob78

    Haste Event - Troop HasteSpell is not available

    After looking into it deeper here is what I found - my dark spell factory was level 4. Due to this the bat spell was showing up without a dark exiler price and faded out. I upgraded it to level 5 and now it is working. I'm thinking this was causing the issue.. SuHaMsDy what level is your dark spell factory... Bob
  3. thebob78

    Haste Event - Troop HasteSpell is not available

    I am having the same issue as well and it started this morning.
  4. I assume you pulled shared prefs when it was loaded with the right village? Also, you're running (appears to be) Memu 6 which hasn't been marked as tested/compatible with mybot.
  5. +1 Verified same behavior on my 7.6.5 install with Memu. Same log output as above