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  1. i had not got transparency enabled on win 7 - looks to be fixed as i followed the instructions at the end of this thread. User error not program error (i hope)
  2. Thanks i had the same problem. I had set to Ice Golly !!!
  3. Thanks - i had stopped boting a while but will look for an update
  4. Hi Running version 7.8.2 i have starting receiving the above copycat message. I quick search on here found the link below (there are others) and the error appears to have been fixed with version 7... I am running windows 7. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/26394-64-bug-detected-unauthorized-or-illegal-use-of-mybotrun-copyrighted-software-see-post-3-for-latest-dll/&tab=comments Can not find a fix. Have reinstalled but the error message still pops up but not all the time. Sometime immediately the bot loads other time i can get in up to 6 bot attacks. Any ideas why it has suddenly appeared ?
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