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  1. Fighter57

    Help you

    that's weird, I have the same problem, my bo was working pretty good yesterday, now suddenly always zooming out.. Try secondary village measuring...... Closing CoC.. all the time
  2. Fighter57

    Bot cant use Clock Tower

    I have the same problem, and yes @ViperZ I do have the boost potion, you can get it for free cmon
  3. Fighter57

    The Pixel on 761-580 was: FCFEF9

    this problem is not finding the army guys??
  4. Fighter57

    bot for nox

    I use nox and it's works fine with me, just atm not perfect because of mybot need to update
  5. Fighter57

    smart farm solution after the update

    @qandeel.moh always drop half of my troops.. tried everything I can, doesn't work. OMG, Finally works.. that was hard xd
  6. Fighter57

    smart farm solution after the update

    trying it... hope it's gonna work. What exactly the MOD doing guys? I have no idea xd
  7. Fighter57

    Teamviewer alternative

    A lot of people have the same problem, there're a cute program called Anydesk, try to use it.
  8. Fighter57

    6.7.4 army bug

    War with your fingers dude!
  9. Fighter57

    Forum Ranks Design

    that's really looks nice good job
  10. Fighter57


    nice to meet you, all of you <3
  11. Fighter57

    First bot attack after update

    calm down guys, they're working on it.