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  1. bot does not check if donation requests exist in chat

    i read the topic "to to create proper bug reports" (or similar), but the issue is that i dont know *when* the error actually occures, because i am not sure when the donations should happen. is it the same time that it asks for donations?
  2. bot does not check if donation requests exist in chat hi, i enable donations (both requests and donations by me), and in the process of getting it to work removed more and more configuration options that could prevent donations. what could i have done wrong that the bot does not donate? i looked at the pics in the forum where donations are explained, and my bot never checks the chat to see if donations are requested. I also tried the donation test in the debug window, but i am not sure how to do the test properly - because when ever i click the donation test button, it immediatly complains in the log that some window (cant remember which one) is not available. This kind of problem is usually caused by the MEmu window not having the focus (that it gets when you click on it). but since i just clicked on the donation test button, the focus is obviously on the bot, not on Memu. how do i use the test correctly? this will help you understand my setup, should that be relevant: 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.220] Created log file: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\Profiles\[email protected]\Logs\2018-11-16_18.09.46.log 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.221] Android: MEmu 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.221] Android Instance: MEmu 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.222] Android Version: 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.223] Android Version API: 22 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.223] Android ADB Device: 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.224] Android Program Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\MEmu.exe 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.224] Android Program FileVersionInfo: 1033,,Microvirt Software Technology Co. Ltd.,MEmu App Player,,MEmu.exe,Copyright (C) 2018 Microvirt Software Technology Co. Ltd. All rights reserved,,MEmu.exe,MEmu App Player,,, 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.225] Android ADB Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\adb.exe 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.226] Android VBoxManage Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\..\MEmuHyperv\MEmuManage.exe 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.226] Android ADB Shared Folder: /mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/ 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.227] Full Command Line: 1 /restart 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.227] @AutoItExe: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot.run.exe 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.228] @ScriptFullPath: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot.run.exe 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.228] @WorkingDir: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\lib 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.229] @AutoItPID: 3380 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.229] @OSArch: X64 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.229] @OSVersion: WIN_7 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.230] @OSBuild: 7601 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.230] @OSServicePack: Service Pack 1 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:46.231] Primary Display: 1920 x 1200 - 32bit 2: L [2018-11-16 18:09:46.218] Waiting for Main Screen 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:51.958] $g_sAndroidGamePackage: com.supercell.clashofclans 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:51.959] GetAndroidProcessPID StdOut :u0_a13 2239 72 2137976 242896 14 -6 0 0 ffffffff b74b4d05 S com.supercell.clashofclans 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:51.960] checkObstacles: Found End Fight Scene to close 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:55.492] $g_sAndroidGamePackage: com.supercell.clashofclans 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:55.492] GetAndroidProcessPID StdOut :u0_a13 2239 72 2137976 242900 14 -6 0 0 ffffffff b74b4d05 S com.supercell.clashofclans 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:55.493] checkObstacles: Found End Fight Scene to close 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:55.506] -- FirstCheck Loop -- 2: L [2018-11-16 18:09:56.027] Village Report 2: L [2018-11-16 18:09:56.182] [T]: 1 206 2: L [2018-11-16 18:09:56.259] [G]: 468 401 [E]: 4 371 448 [D]: 19 353 [GEM]: 1 025 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.266] saveConfig(), call number 154 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.275] Save Building Config C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\Profiles\[email protected]\building.ini 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.293] Save Config C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads\other\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4\Profiles\[email protected]\config.ini 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.294] MEmu instance MEmu rendering mode is 1 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.295] MEmu (MEmu) is using DirectX, enable WinAPI for Background Mode 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.295] Enable ADB screencap for Background Mode 2: D [2018-11-16 18:09:56.410] SaveConfig(), time = 0.14 sec 2: L [2018-11-16 18:10:00.041] Notify Telegram: Your request has been received from [email protected] Log is now sent
  3. Bot upgrading walls

    yes, certainly. how do i capture my bot settings? is there a trick or tool for that?
  4. Bot upgrading walls

    my bot switches between three accounts. one has maxed walls. the other two's walls dont get upgraded at all. it says it cant find walls that need upgrading, and then looks further away for more, and doesnt find any, still. on one of the two bases, non of the wall pices is on the desired level, on the other only a fraction is at max level. i am at a loss about this. how do i configure the wall upgrade properly so that it might work? is there a video, a discussion or a howto, somewhere? same thing with the lab: its idle, and there is plenty of elixir and dark elixir, and it states that the lab is idle, and does nothing. ... ?!? what could cause this? I dont want to derail away from walls, but there are some weired things i dont understand.
  5. how do I switch from memu to bluestacks?

    thank you for your help. I tried to use the search function, but i was not able to find relevant questions and answers. By now i did run into a related question on the forum by accident, though, and it was a really recent one. Now i realize that this is a frequently asked question. I am sorry that I didnt search with more success.
  6. Switch from bluestacks to memu?

    where do i find the exact profile name that i use in my bot? i am curious as to why you would want to switch from bluestacks to memu, because i was planning to go the opposit direction: switch from memu to bluestacks. I was hoping to solve problems with the bot not finding windows etc when the memu window wasnt on top of the desktop (but rather covered or minimized). Did you have issues with bluestack? which ones were those?
  7. how do I switch from memu to bluestacks? I run on windows7 and started out with memu. However i ran into problems where the Clash of Clans window (MEmu) needed to be in the foreground of the monitor for the bot to be able to find things on the screen. So I installed bluestacks, because I wanted to be on a recommended setup before asking for support. However, when starting the bot now, it goes ahead and starts memu, even if bluestacks is running. How can i tell the bot that it should use bluestacks? i would prefer to have a running bot setup before uninstalling or disabling memu, so i have a fallback if things should not work with bluestacks out of the box.