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  1. i have this problem on windows7, with aero, if i access the PC bot via remote desktop connection. I got the tip to check the "composition" check box in the remote desktop client, but i access the bot from a linux machine, and linux clients dont have that option. Is the compostion option actually related to the issue? I am willing and able to debug more, please advice.
  2. shiny!!! i will try that! Thank you!
  3. what is the purpose of that? would it give me more debug output then before? or is this the way of running mybot.run as a task from the scheduler? what does "-a" do? it seems -a prevents mybot.run.exe from forking into the background and forces it to stay in the foreground. is that the intention? anyway, that prevents the second bot from starting, and it does not make the bot startup correctly. it just hangs, without a creating a window.
  4. i followed your guide on windows7, and the .bat file that you had me create is executed. I know, because i added debug output to it, redirecting simple text output into a debug file. However the bot itself is not started. Where can i find the debug output of the bot to check why it didnt run fully? I dont see any windows opening but the harddisk is working - so i suspect something goes on briefly. i created the "EnableMBRDebug.txt" file in order to enable debugging, but i dont see any special output. it appears that the "SwitchAccLog-2019-01.log" file got a new entry but it just is a line with the timestamp and "==== SwitchAcc Log ===". That means that the bot comes alive for a short while and then dies again silently. Why could that be? is there any more output? in my bat file that i use to start the bot i run the autoit files of the bot. I see that there are several such .au3 files. is one of them better suited for being run in this mode, perhaps?
  5. Kaspar Hauser

    controlling a bot with two telegram accounts

    every village has one field for a telgram token. i have two accounts, my friend has two. each of the two bots runs two accounts. his accounts have one token in said field and mine have an other token. that way it works just fine. my bot is not modified, but downloaded from this site without change.
  6. Kaspar Hauser

    controlling a bot with two telegram accounts

    I tried it, it works. i downgraded Memu to the recommended 5.2.3 version (which i thought i ran already, but didn't), and now background mode works as expected. yay.
  7. did you solve this issue? if yes, how? I seem to be suffering from a similar issue, just on a broader scale - for me the bot can not do things (like klicking or so) if the emulator does not have focus
  8. Kaspar Hauser

    Official MyBot 7.7.2 [r03] Light MOD++

    the description of your problem does not help me enough to understand it. can you describe it any better? what did you do? what happend? what did you expect to happen? did you try anything already?
  9. Kaspar Hauser

    controlling a bot with two telegram accounts

    i use windows7 on a Intel i5 CPU @3.2Ghz, 4 cores and 8Gig of RAM I use Memu and mybot 7.6.5. i figured out most things myself. (what directions could i have used that concern the bot being able or unable to read from an emulator that does not have the mouse focus?) I did run the aero diagnostics and it says there are no aero issues. ok, it turns out my Memu version is not what i thought it was. please hold further investigation until i could install the proper version.
  10. Kaspar Hauser

    controlling a bot with two telegram accounts

    I created the debug file and put it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w13w7sj36ezqwqn/logs%2C libs and debug.zip?dl=0 the issue is that only one of the two instances works. the other starts up, tries to switch accounts, notices that it fails and restarts the emulator. That does not help, of course because it still does not have the focus. so one instance of the bot is botting and works fine, while the other sits there and keeps restarting the emulator, failing at switching the account. What can i do to get both instances of the bot interacting fully with the emulator, running in the background, preferably letting me use the computer for easy things like web browsing while it is running. thanks for your help, the bot is really helpful otherwise!
  11. Kaspar Hauser

    controlling a bot with two telegram accounts

    So i configured this with two Memu instances. However it does not work well: The two Memu instances compete for the focus, and mouse actions are only received by the one that is in the foreground. I had observed this behaviour previously, where i always had to click on the emulator before leaving the bot to do it's botting. How can you get the bot to work in the background, not requiring focus? I did check the "run in background" check box, but it does not help. what kind of info do you need in order to help? should i produce a log and paste it here?
  12. controlling a bot with two telegram accounts is it possible to run two bots, and control them seperatly with two telegram accounts? Is stopping and starting one instance of the bot possible, without touching the other? I would like to have a setup where my buddy controls his two supercell accounts and I control mine. Do I need to run two different Memu/Bluestack images in parallel? i started configuring this, and it appears to be the case: you can run two instances of the bot, and you can control them seperatly via telegram, with two different tokens from the telegram bot.